Our flavoursome Resource coffee is triple certified (by Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and the Soil Association) and represents the formally accredited options available to you.

Resource coffee, supplied exclusively by Nairobi, is an extremely high quality, aromatic and flavoursome Arabica bean originating from South and Central America. We roast the coffee slowly and carefully to make sure that all the right flavours are fully developed. By the time the beans are ready, they’ve swollen to twice their size, releasing fantastic aromas and flavours. ·         The farmers are getting a fair deal

·         The coffee is grown organically

All these attributes are verified by an external auditor.

In addition to our fabulous Resource Triple Certified Coffee, Nairobi also offer a range of coffees as follows:

·         Rainforest range of coffees





A range of whole beans for espresso coffees.

Conveniently packed in our laminate 1kg valve bags for that fresh-roast taste.

Delivered 6 kilos to the outer.

Decaffeinated options are available in all the above styles.



A superb range of Pures and blends encompassing a broad spectrum of styles and flavours. 

Decaffeinated options are available in all the above styles.

·         Fair Trade freeze dried coffee

·         Freeze dried decaffeinated coffee